Staples Trailer

Staples trailer skin for short and long box trailer. Used for 42 Print company. Credits: BigLarry1950 DOWNLOAD

USA Trailers Pack v1

USA Trailers pack v1.0 by David Corley, Solaris36 & Stewowe. Modifications (by Solaris36): Gathered all trailers skins in one mod. New cargos. Lowered prices (more DOWNLOAD

ats mods

Great Dane Old

Great Dane Old standalone Version ATS Don’t upload the mod in the other link. Credits: Original Model: Invasor Convert By: MiguelAngel988 Crisan21 DOWNLOAD

Fendt Tractors ATS

The trailer was converted to ATS of “Micha-BF3” and rebuilt, Version 1.0. Fendt Tractors Included in this pack are the following trailer Trailer Fendt -> DOWNLOAD