100% Save Game + Free Cam

100% Save Game + Free Cam -10 million $ -44 Trucks -9 garage -70 Level -%99.99 Open Map Free Cam Control: Activation of the game by pressing “0”, the movement numeric keypad! Moving truck to the designated place “F9″. Credits: Mada06 DOWNLOAD

Peterbilt 351 + Interior v3

The author of the model: JAWA Converting to ETS2, animation: Stas556. Help in 3ds Max: Smith Help in the permit: dmitry68, Myshanka. Sound: Kriechbaum. Thank you for your help Knox_xss! The interior includes two modes 351 and 359. Interior 359. Convert to ” 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal”, the original authors are … Read more