American Truck Simulator Gameplay review

The map is the West Coast of USA, american trucks with real logos (Peterbilt, Kenworth,..)


Nice detailed interiors with real logos (Kenworth in this one)


When you arrive at the destination you have multiple places where you can leave the trailer. In the right you can see a new animation with a man working at a vehicle (animation)


Another Kenworth truck


Good looking junctions.. seem realistic

ats_gameplay_07 ats_gameplay_06

Another Kenworth interior


Semi-arid climate environment

ats_gameplay_09 ats_gameplay_10

Peterbilt Interior and sun reflexion


It’s getting dark


Ugly reflexion on the interior 🙁


Nice loading docks – but something I don’t get is why am I always the only truck that goes to companies? It shoudln’t be that hard to add some trucks there SCS!


All in all the game looks awesome and I will certainly buy it. If you liked this post, make sure to share it because I worked really hard on it.

If you want to see the full video review click here.

2 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator Gameplay review”

  1. Thank you for giving these shots for us to see. It looks great. Just hope that ATS will have a more variety of loads!
    I think one of the truck sims you were able to select a place of origin and also the destination. Then you got a list of loads that you could choose from to do. THANK YOU 7 have a great day! What or where can I sign on to be kept in the loop for this brilliant program?
    Regards from the Southern tip of Africa


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