American Truck Simulator uncensored opinions

Now after talking so nice it’s time to tell some things I don’t like. They don’t bother me, but it’s just place for more and better. The picture below could be easily recreated in ETS2 right now and that says it all. It’s no secret that American Truck Simulator is using the same engine, but still..


Another thing I hope won’t happen but I know it will is the weight stations. I bet they will be just like in 18 WoS Haulin. Boring and old! In my imagination I think there will be just the weight station models and a point where you go and guess will always say you got the right weight and you are ready to go!! As I said nothing exciting.. Please note again this is just my perception because we don’t know yet how it will actually be.


ats_weight_station_004 ats_weight_station_001

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