ATS 1.39 Lowboy Trailers in American Truck Simulator

ATS 1.39 is just around the corner and we’ve received many news about it lately. Today we present you the new lowboy trailers! They are making their way into the game with the introduction of American Truck Simulator 1.39 patch.

american truck simulator lowboy trailer and truck

What are lowboy trailers?

They are flatbed trailers used for hauling oversize and heavy loads. They have a lower ride height so they can carry taller stuff up to 12 feet tall. In American Truck Simulator they will come in different variants and configurations. Also SCS says the players will surely enjoy the new trailer.

ats oversize load

Are ATS lowboy trailers ownable?

Yes, you can purchase a brand new lowboy trailer for your ATS fleet. Also they are customizable. You will be able to play around with the color, trailer accessories, beacons, chassis options, lengths, articulated axles, and more.

ats lowboy trailer

In addition, if you own the Heavy Cargo DLC they will be added to it as well. They can be seen in the American Truck Simulator traffic too. If you want an even more realistic traffic, we recommend our ATS Traffic mods! Will you buy the new trailer? What type of huge load will you carry on it?

flatbed trailer in ats

In conclusion, we’re waiting patiently for ATS patch 1.39. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook to get the latest news. Until the release, we recommend you to download more ATS trailer mods. Keep on trucking!

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