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ATS patch 1.37 beta

Update 1.37 for American Truck Simulator brings a big project for SCS. They are introducing FMOD, a sound engine that will make dynamic and realistic sounds in the game. Also there is another new feature: you can now lower or raise your window in the truck interior.

ats open window

A huge new update! Walk around feature – another new way to control the camera inside the service station.

New trailers and cargoes are here: food tanks that are available to buy and customize.

ats food tank

A first teaser for the ATS FMOD engine can be found in the video below.

There are more updates that came in this patch. So, all the updates are listed below.
  • FMOD implementation with all existing sounds and few improvements
  • Openable windows on all trucks
  • AI movement and sound behavior improved (featuring FMOD)
  • Walking camera in truck or trailer configuration screen (plus new garage scene)
  • Eye-tracking pause key function fixed
  • Automatic eye-tracking pause while the game is paused/in UI
  • Settings hotkey visibility in UI
  • Ingame sounds completely reimplemented for FMOD
  • Engine power range data (instead of boost value)
  • Exhaust gas temp gauge animation
  • AI data tweak (engine

You can download mods for ATS patch 1.37 on our main page. We have all types!

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