ATS patch 1.44 new Special Transport DLC routes

A new 1.44 patch for American Truck Simulator is coming! ATS has a lot of awesome DLCs and Special Transport is one of them. There’s some great news for the owners of this add-on: 8 new routes will be added starting with ATS patch 1.44!

ats 1.44 patch

Where will there be new Special Transport routes? The routes will be in the following states: Arizona/Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho and Colorado. More exact destinations are listed below:

  • Lewiston to Sandpoint
  • Burlington to Lamar
  • Salina to Cedar City
  • Omak to Yakima
  • Dalles to Salem
  • Santa Fe to Socorro
  • Cheyenne to Rock Springs
  • Winnemucca to Carson City

ats special transport dlc

SCS promises in their latest blog post these will pose a challenge. So do you think you’re ready? Do you have what it takes? Polish your skills until American Truck Simulator 1.44 version is out! Also check out some of our ATS 1.43 mods, the current patch version. Keep on trucking!

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