ats utah dlc city

ATS Utah DLC Urban Areas Details

ATS Utah DLC is almost here, launching on the 7th of November. Before you buy anything, it’s best to know what you will get. So, here is a peak into the urban areas of the upcoming American Truck Simulator Utah DLC.

In real life, most of the population is concentrated in the northern part of the state. You will feel that in the game to, with the presence of most cities in that part. Salt Lake City is definitely the most important but also there is the city of Provo.

ats utah dlc city

The urban areas of the map that are less populated still got a lot of love. What this means is that they don’t lack detail: you will both small and larger cities in the entire region.

ats utah dlc urban areas

As SCS claims, the ATS Utah towns and cities will have their own unique look and feel. Let us know below, are you ready to explore them?

american truck simulator village

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