ATS Wheel Tuning DLC

SCS brings new wheel tuning options to Amerian Truck Simulator with the new ATS Wheel Tuning DLC!

Ultimate wheel customization is here! Paint and customize your nuts, discs, hubs and hub covers exactly as you want.

American Truck Simulator DLC download is now available on Steam.

Here are some photos of trucks in American Truck Simulator with customized wheels:

ATS Wheel Tuning DLC

American Truck Simulator DLC download

Also make sure to check this video by SCS presenting the ATS DLC:

Important note: This DLC is available separately for both ATS and ETS2. If you buy the DLC for either one of the games, things are set up on the back-end so that the Wheel Tuning DLC is automatically unlocked for free for you in the other game.

Have fun playing!

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