Best Graphics Mods for ATS November 2018

American Truck Simulator is a great game but it’s even better with mods. With the mods that are available these days, you are going to make your experience so much better by downloading them!

This month I’ll be showing you a list of the graphics and environment mods for ATS that I use and tested. I can tell you, they really make a difference.

  • Actual Day-/Night lengths: by using this mod you will get a better simulation of the day and night cycle, closer to the real world lengths
  • New Mountain Textures: download this mod which is now at version number 7 and get better textures for the mountains in the game. The whole environment will look better.
  • Enhanced Vegetation: this is a work in progress mod that is now at version 2.0. It will create a better simulation of you surroundings with better vegetation.
  • Realistic Roads: in version 2.0 this mod will give you more accurate to real life road textures
  • Realistic Mirror FOV: last but not least, this will give you a realistic angle in the mirrors

All of these mods were installed and tested on American Truck Simulator patch version 1.32.

If you would liked these mods, make sure to check more on our website, where you can find the best environment and the best graphics mods for ATS and mods.

In the video below is a gameplay in ATS while using all of these mods:

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