New Cities with Companies v1

This ATS mod tested on version 1.1.1s Mod after activation adds a new city with companies to the state of: Nevada: – Austin – Battle Mountain – Caliente – Howthorne – Indian Springs – McDermitt – Ruth – Sparks – Wells – Beatty California: – Madera – San Jose – Red Buff – Temecula – … Read more

Route 93 RR Crossings

Other minor changes to the Route 93 in between two RR crossings have been made to ensure safer driving experience (speed limit in vicinity of RR crossings reduced to 55, and speed limit around T-intersection was increased from 30 to 55, yellow warning lights and directional sign added). Hope you enjoy it. Credits: rookie31st DOWNLOAD

USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.2 v1.1.1

ATS Alaska Off-road map mod 246 Studios Follow latest update’s on Facebook page: Uploading to other host or site is not allowed! (Only with permission) Editing on this map mod is ONLY for personal use (Not allowed to upload your edited version) If is see someone that does this he will be warned, and … Read more

Satellite Image Background For The Map

Just messing around with the game files i made this simple mod that adds a real satellite image of the 2 states to the background of the map. Not like is going to make you drive better or anything but still i like the final result for being kinda new to modding . Test … Read more

More realistic distances + a few other fixes

At first when I started experimenting with the map scale, I wanted to make it more ETS2-like but when I did that, some things changed badly, so I started experimenting further. After more than 10 attempts I finally managed to make distances more realistic and yet keep the scaling close to the default, so that … Read more