ReShade Version 3.3.2 Yan_Red v1.3 (Graphic improver) all Versions

Hello everyone good today with the new version of ReShade 3.2.2 to improve colors in favorite games on the channel like American truck simulator and Euro truck simulator 2 Original and not original and of course also Multiplayer Activate and deactivate: insert Photographs: Impr Pant Petsis the photographs are saved where you installed them to … Read more

2016 Eager Beaver 20XPT

All standalone. Works on any map. Tested ATS,,, and Compatible with many packs Pack contains 9 Cargo’s This mod is mean’t to be used with the SCS W900 Dump Truck which can be found here: Cargo: – Mini Excavators – Large Concrete Pipes – Small Concrete Pipes – Cat 422 … Read more

Grey Skies Weather Mod

This mod replaces the default weather with random sunny, cloudy and misty weather. Features Normal Version: 50% sunny, 50% cloudy or misty weather Light Version: 75% sunny, 25% cloudy weather Improved rain Darker lighting and skies during rainy weather Darker nights Compatible with my Realistic Environment mod *There are two versions in the download pack, … Read more

Realistic Environment

This mod desaturates and removes some of the brightness from the terrain, grass, rocks and vegetation to give a more realistic look to the game. Some tree models have also been changed. Compatibility Latest Version: 1.3, 1.2 Compatible with maps. This is a graphics mod only so is compatible with weather mods. Credits: Grimes DOWNLOAD