Vintage Billboards

Well, in this mod I’ve changed the game billboards with some vintage ones for the old timers like me There’s no any installation order for the Mod Manager. Tested and working on v1.0.0 Credits: SCS, Mafiozos68 DOWNLOAD

USA offroad map

ATS USA offroad map v1.0.0 It adds a road from bakersfield to Primm. (More roads are coming!) Installation instructions are in the mod. Credits: Rob Viguurs (Map maker), Christiaan Van Huizen (Map tester) DOWNLOAD

Longer Trains

ATS Longer Trains v1.0.0 This is the rail yard near Fresno, the vanilla train is on engine, two of the grain (?) cars and four tank cars. First Release I’ve got a first release together. Currently the mod only modifies some of the trains. I wanted to get it out there so people could use it … Read more

R.O.C Kinmen map alpha test v0.1

R.O.C (Republic Of China) Kinmen map alpha test 0.1 add-on and standalone This map need ATS R.O.C Kinmen Map still in test, have any suggestion, you can post on my blog page. Terms of Use Currently the mod for the free use in the following conditions using models and maps. 1. Do not use in … Read more