Multiple Trailers in Traffic

Multiple Trailers in Traffic

Multiple Trailers in Traffic ATS mod. Someone anonymous did one for earlier versions of both games but it didn’t get updated after an SCS update. It was credited to Jazzycat but although it used his truck models it never appeared on his web site, so I assume his participation was without his knowledge. This one … Read more

Proper Traffic Colors

ats mods Proper Traffic Colors

ATS mod Proper Traffic Colors While SCS did a decent job with traffic vehicle colors, it seems they researched general manufacturer colors, but not the individual models. As a result, many colors are excluded, altered from their factory specification, or inaccurate to that specific vehicle. This mod aims to amend that. This mod ensures the … Read more

Proper Traffic Variety

ats Proper Traffic Variety mod

Proper Traffic Variety mod for American Truck Simulator. ATS’s traffic variety is well and all, but could it be more accurate? This mod makes a minor change, but it certainly makes the game more accurate. I’ve sifted through thousands of Craigslist ads for each vehicle’s year, make, model, and, when applicable, trim, counted every individual … Read more

Classic Truck Traffic Pack

ats Classic Truck Traffic mod

The American Truck Simulator Classic Truck Traffic mod Pack brings classic trucks on the road with you. Here is a list of the trucks: Peterbilt 359 Peterbilt 362 Peterbilt 289 Ford LTL9000 Chevrolet Bison Freightliner FLA Freightliner FLD120 International 9370 Autocar AT Diamond Reo Royale Mack Ultraliner All trucks are standalone, feature cable simulation and … Read more

Real Traffic Density & Ratio

ats Real Traffic Density & Ratio mod

Why a traffic density mod is necessary? SCS gave to us a great traffic system, however the default spawn values are very basic with very low density with minor differences day/night or type of roads. Why my Real Traffic Density mod is better than other traffic mods? Because my mod uses rational spawn numbers according … Read more

Trains Everywhere (Road Nightmare) 1.38

american truck simulator Trains Everywhere

Trains Everywhere (Road Nightmare) mod for ATS 1.38. This mod was not created for serious trucking, JUST FOR FUN! Aren’t you afraid of the trains? This mod will make you afraid! Insidious trains will appear everywhere! Yes! Yes! They learned to drive on roads, with only one purpose, to smash, break and squash everything that … Read more