US State Police Pack

US State Police Pack

State Police / Highway Patrol Cars for Midwest, Southern, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii and East Coast States also For Big Major Cities in United States. Border Patrol also added and it will spawn only in the cities near US – Canada Border or US – Mexico Border.

Cars Used as Base
– Ford Explorer (Arizona Highway Patrol version)
– Ford Crown Victoria (Arizona Highway Patrol version)
– Ford Taurus (Arizona Highway Patrol version)

Read a full list of US cities and more info on the SCS forum post.

Version 1.3
– DHS (Department Of Homeland Security) cars added
– FBI cars added
– Anchorage, Honolulu, Mobile, Alabama, and Richmond, Virginia Police cars added
– Add support for wtexas (west Texas) Reforma Map
– US Reforma Cities Police added
– US Park Rangers cars added
– Dodge Charger added (State Police and Big Cities)
– Chevrolet Impala added (State Police and Big Cities)
– Chevrolet Caprice added (State Police and Big Cities)
– Chevrolet Tahoe added (State Police and Big Cities)
– Reforma US Cities Police Cars added

For ATS version 1.41 and above

Tested with Coast 2 Coast Map, Canadream, Promods, and Montana Expansion. ATTENTION : If you have both Canadream and Discover Ontario, this mod works well with these two maps, Canadream is optional.

Credits: Zenkaiser2021

Special Thanks to Hitman, halbtollekreatur, gabenz88

DOWNLOAD mod v1.3

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