ATS Colorado DLC Million Dollar Highway

Colorado has an unlimited amount of great sights and landmarks. Drivers all across the world are attracted to one big point in Colorado: the Million Dollar Highway. American Truck Simulator is now a place to explore and visit real landmarks, not just deliver cargo. Also it’s a place for discovery and one to fulfill your dreams. Considering the global condition, you can visit beautiful places in the game. Also there’s still not much left till the official release of ATS Colorado DLC later this year.

Colorado DLC Million Dollar Highway

Let’s explore what is coming! Million Dollar Highway is one of the amazing landmarks of Colorado. It’s located in the southwest between New Mexico and Colorado. It’s a portion of the U.S. Highway 550.

ats colorado dlc road

Firstly what does it offer? It offers great views of nature, of mountains and valleys.

Secondly why is it so important? It is the nation’s most spectacular drive.

Thirdly it passes through The Uncompahgre Gorge while it descends or climbs while offering stunning views.

It’s sometimes winding and dangerous. There are no guardrails. In addition, it is long: a distance of 491 km. In conclusion, it’s set to be one of American Truck Simulator most popular roads in Colorado DLC. If you drove the Million Dollar Highway in real life, they say you’d wonder how they built it.

american truck simulator dlc highway

Keep on trucking guys! Download some ATS sound mods so you’ll be able to enjoy it while driving down the Million Dollar Highway soon. We do not have an official release date. What we know is that will be near the end of 2020.

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