Cummins ISX Straight pipe sound

ats Cummins ISX Straight pipe sound

Cummins ISX Straight pipe sound ATS sound mod.

-Cummins ISX12, ISX15, X15 370-650hp engines with straight pipe sound
-Dynamic sound focus for more rumble exhaust sound
-Custom soun attenuation for better and realistic sound fade off

Version 4.0 Changelog:
-Renamed cm870 and cm2250 to ISX and ISX15 and will be stock EGR and VGT version
-EGR and VGT deleted version will be ISX with N14 turbo and ISX15 with Holset HX60W Turbo
-VGT Deleted ISX use jake brake, and the rest use interbrake
(Note: Because 3rd stage interbrake is done by VGT mechanism, so VGT Deleted ISX15 won’t have difference between 2nd and 3rd stage)
-Removed X15 engine as it gonna be its own mod
-Whole new engine specifications
-Reworked sounds of course

Quick tutorial on how to use CAST
1. Goto def/vehicle/truck/
2. Rename one of zcustom_xx into truck def name you want
and you should good to go

How to use idle jake brake:
1. Hold light horn button for 1 second and release (release in 1.5 seconds)
2. tap light horn button once again, and idle jake brake should be engaged
3. Repeat the same process to turn off

Note: idle jake brake system will not work with some kind of interior sound mods

Credits: Slav Jerry – sound modding
SCS SOftware – main sound samples


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