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Welcome to Driveable AI! As the mod title pretty well says, this lets you drive AI vehicles.
Currently the selection is limited, but the end goal for this mod is to have ALL AI vehicle driveable. I will commit to continuously updating this mod until that goal is achieved. This mod started with the F150 and its related escort equipment, which is fully present. I started because I wanted an alternative to the Special Transport missions with real people, and convoy has enabled that fully! I suggest anyone who uses this mod to try escorting someone with a Special Transport trailer using the AI vehicles, it’s a lot of fun.


  • All tuning on available vehicles made usable!
  • Custom Engine Sound
  • Usable SCS AI Wheels
  • Working Lights and Siren on Police and Fire vehicles
  • All current Police and Fire Liveries
  • Animated Functions! See below for info.
  • Some custom interiors using the AI model, with working wipers, windows and steering wheel
  • Realistic powertrain specs & handling to an extent
  • Some custom UV Templates for skins

How Vehicle Selection Works
All models of a specific vehicle make are under one “truck” definition. You switch between models by Cabins in the Truck Browser or Truck Dealer.

Animated Functions
Because neither ATS nor ETS2 has generic exterior animations/functions, there has to be a bit of a hacky workaround for the custom animated functions; They rely on the exterior windows animation.
To use these functions, you need to bind keys to left/right windows up/down.
Unfortunately, animated collisions are not possible and things like the forks of the Garbage Truck don’t function in that regard.

Skin Templates
Templates Google Drive
For any vehicle you make a custom skin for that is a police/fire/ems vehicle:

Currently Available Vehicles:

  • Crown Victoria/CVPI
  • Explorer/FPIU
  • F150 w/Escort Equipment
  • F350 w/All upfits excluding Ambulance
  • The F350 has a functioning Cherry Picker!


  • Ram 2500 w/Escort Equipment
  • Charger

Autocar ACX(Garbage Truck)

  • Working Forks! No collisions, sadly
  • Standalone interior, forks are also visible in the interior view.

Pierce Arrow XT(Fire Truck)

  • Working lights and custom siren/air horn
  • All current skins, California to Texas

Isuzu Cabover

  • IMPORTANT! This is still a work in progress, but it’s stable enough to be released.
  • Dump Bed, Dryvan, and Reefer
  • Dump bed is animated!
More information and to provide feedback, go to the SCS forum.

Credits: Sk3leCreeper

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