Agriculture & Farms of Wyoming

We’re just one day away from the release of Wyoming DLC for American Truck Simulator as we’re writing this article. We want you to be ready so check out what is coming, according to SCS Software. Today we’ll talk about farming and the agriculture aspect in the new ATS DLC. Also you can add the map expansion to your whish list on Steam in you want.

ats wyoming dlc farming

The main three industries in Wyoming are minerals, tourism and agriculture. The last one is a big contributor to the economy of the state (2 billion dollars per year). This aspect will be found in American Truck Simulator and you will be able to contribute too! Cheyenne is a world trade center for cattle, as this activity dates back to the 1800s in the area.

american truck simulator wyoming

There are over 11 thousands farms all across the state of Wyoming. Crops are also present with wheat being the highest producer. We think that everything looks promising and we are looking forward to drive to those farms and deliver for the people!

wyoming farm

This being the last post before the release, we invite you to leave a comment on Facebook about your expectations. Also follow us and the official ATS page to be announced about the release and more. We would also like to recommend you some of our ATS traffic mods. They make your game a lot better and realistic! Keep on trucking!

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