Flatbed Truck and Trailer Add-on K100E

american truck simulator Flatbed Truck and Trailer Add-on K100E

ATS Flatbed Truck and Trailer Add-on K100E

In keeping with my truck and trailer theme (as the configuration is called, as opposed to semi or tractor-trailer), I made this flatbed version for the K100E.

Please do not bother Overfloater with any problems with this mod, it is not his responsibility to support.

This should be placed with a higher priority than the K100E. Please watch the video if you have any questions with how to setup the truck or trailer, ATS limitations make things a bit wonky.

This is inspired by many of the old school hay haulers on the west coast, but it can haul any of the default SCS flatbed cargoes.

• 6×4 28ft aluminum flatbed chassis (only for the standard cab)
• 2 axle 28ft aluminum flatbed
• Longer set of mudflaps for the trailer.

Credits: Deezle


2 thoughts on “Flatbed Truck and Trailer Add-on K100E”

  1. Okay so I have the truck but the tail lights and all that is showing theres no texture so idk how to fix that. Also when I go to get the pup the game crashes


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