Fruehauf Dryvan 1951 v2.2

ats mod Fruehauf Dryvan 1951ats Fruehauf Dryvan 1951

I present to you the model of the semi-trailer Fruehauf Dryvan 1951 ATS mod.

Features of the model, which has coloring pages and the ability to paint in any color including metallic and chrome.
At this stage, the trailer has almost no tuning. And there are some minor problems with the shadow display. It is possible that gradually I will fix the jambs and add tuning.
Please leave the original link and indicate the authors of the trailer when placing it on other sites. The archive is open there is a template if anyone wants to draw their skins then please. It is also forbidden to alter or use trailer parts without my consent and permission. For yourself, rework everything you want, but if you want to post your rework to the network, contact me and ask for permission.

Contact me either here on the site or serloktionov(at)

Credits: the Author of the original model – BlackAce
converting from 18 Steel Wheels Editing some details, textures coloring and everything else – selonik

DOWNLOAD mod v2.2 for ATS 1.40+

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