New Goodyear Tires American Truck Simulator Pack

We have thousands of miles to explore in American Truck Simulator. That means we need some good tires for all the roads. The new Goodyear tires pack DLC is now available for ATS! You can buy it now for the release price of 2.99 USD on Steam. After that, you get premium tires in the game for your truck and trailer. Additionally you receive Goodyear paintjobs and truck accessories. How cool is that?

ats goodyear tires dlc

Goodyear has been on the market for over 120 years with a great reputation. Getting this addition to ATS means a lot to the game.

ats goodyear tires

Also coffee cups, hanging pennants are great additions to your cabs. More so if you are a fan of the brand!

ats goodyear cabin accessories

A great thing is that you can also match the tires on your trailer with the ones on your truck! Customizing them is still there, so be creative!

american truck simulator goodyear

The official video trailer of this new ATS DLC is linked below.

american truck simulator goodyear dlc

What is your opinion on this new DLC? American Truck Simulator has a lot of mods too. Explore them today on our website. We recommend checking out some of our ATS sound mods. In addition, ETS2 Goodyear DLC owners also got an update. You can read more info over on SCS’s blog. Have a good one and keep on trucking!

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  1. I love this pack. I grabbed it up as soon as it came out. Also, the tires work just fine on my modded trucks, as well!


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