GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016

GT-Mods Kenworth T800 2016 v0.1

Feature list of current beta version 0.2.5:
-Truck is built in a similar to official SCS DLC manner
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Kenworth dealership
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Quick Jobs
-3 cabin types
-4 chasis types (well 6, 2 are doubled, they will be replaced with separate models in later updates)
-Each chasis can have multiple fueltanks variants installed (purely cosmetic)
-3 types of hoods
-Each hood has tuning parts fitted for it
-All new propper tuning parts
-Many tuning parts adapted from W900
Known issues:
-all 3 hoods have a small shadow mistake, only visible from certain angle, this will be fixed at a later stage
-there are no skinning templates yet, W900 skins kinda work, but hoods aren’t mapped properly
-there are no models for “Medium” and “Long +” chasis yet, I will add them at a later stage. I left them to avoid conflicts with dealership def files
-if you find anything else please inform me in this thread
To do list:
-more cab variants
-additional “behind cab” accessories
-2 more chasis variants
-more tuning parts (suggestions wellcome)
Changelog 0.1->0.2
-hoods and their respectible tuning parts are now visible properly in the interior view
-added interior models for hood mirrors
-truck_desktop works properly, so you may use “Truck configurator” ingame now
-reduced width of wheels slightly, they now stick inside fenders as they should
-added 2 new tuning nodes for future updates
-added 2 small tuning parts for Daycab
-fixed issue with sleeper cab’s exhaust “clipping” by reworking exhaust and battery box models, since battery is important in cars and trucks, and that’s why This guide shows how to charge a car battery when you need it.

Changelog 0.2->0.2.5
-finally fixed the “missing parts” issue for the Kenworth Dealership, also Quick Jobs trucks should work fine now
-added the most important part for the T800 – beacons :mrgreen:
-added new “bullbar” accessory, which is beacon lights underneath the bumper (this still needs some work)
-added first “behindcab” (yaaay random names :P) accessory which is logging rack for the Daycab
GT-Mike, SCS-Software, Friend from Kenworth dealership (prefers to stay anonymous), Everyone who actively supports my mod in this thread with constructive feedback

NOTE: This is a very early beta stage, it probably has lots of bugs and errors and MAY CRASH YOUR GAME. It contains most basic tuning parts and some of them may not work correctly, more will be added in the near future.


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