Idaho DLC – Work in progress

Idaho DLC will be a map addition to American Truck Simulator of the northwestern U.S. state. This state has a big contrast when you drive from north to south. Both are two beautiful parts but let us tell you about some differences.

The north of Idaho is a mountain, rocky region. It is known for being green because of the forests and it also has a lot of lakes. Also it is kind of lonely, with only a few people living in that region. So it’s best not to get your truck stuck there.

ATS Idaho DLC north

Going down south, the population is bigger but there are more deserts and dry mountain tops. As a result, there are more open areas and more farms. The industries are more diverse as a result.

American Truck Simulator idaho dlc south

Boise is the capital city of Idaho. It is still not a big city compared to the others in the U.S. It is interesting and unique because it combines both the vibe of an urban area with a more rural area.

ats idaho dlc

Are you excited to drive in this new state in American Truck Simulator? Let us know and make sure to enable notifications for this website to get the news first! You can add Idaho DLC to your wish list on Steam. Also you can download the best ATS mods on our website to make your game even better!

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