New Cummins Sounds all SCS Trucks

ats Cummins Sounds engine ats cummins sound configuration

ATS New Cummins Engine Sounds for all SCS Trucks mod

This Engine Mod was made by porting Kriechbaum’s Volvo FH Engine Sounds from ETS2 to the Trucks in ATS. The Euro Engine is the “D” Model as the US Engine, so there’s not much difference…

This Mod supports all SCS-ATS Trucks.

All of the Mod’s Engine Sounds can be found using ANY Cummins Engine (because it was pretty universal) of ANY Stock Truck EXCEPT the Volvo VNL, which uses it’s rightful Volvo “D” Engines AND the Mack Anthem, which uses its rightful Mack MP7/MP8 Engines (its only engines).

This mod is only for version 1.38 and maybe higher, but at some point it may need an update later on due to major changes in the game being made by SCS.

NOTE: This mod does not replace the Default/Stock SCS Sound for the Trucks. This mod has standalone Engines. My Engine Mod has separate and unique badges/icons and prices in the engine inventory. (See pictures for more details)

ANOTHER NOTE: I did not make any of the sounds, I just planted them into a new file structure (this mod’s structure) and put the necessary .GUID files in!

EVEN ANONTHER NOTE: You will not need my individual “New Volvo VNL Engine Sounds 1.38” Mod as this already contains the Sounds for the SCS Volvo.

Credits: Kriechbaum(Sound Recording), Leen(Interior Components Sounds) NorthEast Freightways(Mod file and what was ported into it)


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  1. very good job mate. very realistic engine sounds and full of punch too. my 389 day cab is now a bullet with that engine. nice job with the fans coming on as well. very much like my real truck


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