New truck: NEXT Western Star

New truck is coming to American Truck Simulator! The NEXT Western Star truck is making its way to the game shortly after the official release of the truck on the 29th of September 2020. This is a huge collaboration from SCS Software with a big truck manufacturer. Also it definitely marks an important step in the history of ATS.

ats NEXT Western Star

The NEXT Western Star

New Western Star truck wants to be safer, better, faster and tougher. This is so it can survive to the most rugged environments. The design elements and the look of the truck was not revealed yet. What SCS can show us is limited by what Western Star already showed to the public.

In our opinion, the truck looks quite different than anything we’ve seen. You can tell by the design of the headlights that it is looking interesting.

ats western star headlight

The truck is looking smooth from the top view. What do you think? Also like the perfect positioning of everything. In addition, we sure hope that there will be some good ATS tuning mods for this truck after the release!

western star top view

The logo position is nice, on many locations on the truck. What do you think of the design? Let us know in the comments below!

western star logo american truck simulator

Will you add this truck to your fleet? Also are you excited about the new announcement? Congrats to SCS Software and Western Star for this collaboration. In other words, make sure to check out the ATS truck mods we have on our website. They enhance your gaming experience, just like the new Western Star truck coming to American Truck Simulator. Read more about the truck on the Western Star website.

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