Project MidAtlantic

Project MidAtlantic ats mod

Project MidAtlantic is an ATS map mod.

Hello everybody.

I am proud to announce Project: Mid-Atlantic to the forums! Project Mid-Atlantic is a map mod that will redo the entirety of the Mid-Atlantic region in C2C. The mod will cover Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia. I do not copy and paste I make sure that everything is originally designed and is never copied and pasted. Currently we do not any custom assets but I plan on learning how to do them at a later date. I also listen to all the feedback the public gives. If you hate a certain area and thinks its the worse area in the world I will redo it, but please give constructive criticism and point out what’s wrong. Follow the official SCS forum thread.

Feel free to check out my Discord for faster updates!

Credits: JustJames

DOWNLOAD mod v0.2 standalone map

DOWNLOAD C2C compatible file

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