RJL Scania T v1.8

rjl-scania-t-1-8_1 rjl-scania-t-1-8_2

Naturally the mod works out of the box with both of my Remoled and Necromancy packs . It is also compatible with Kreichbaums V8 Scania pack if you like your T with a bit more growl to it .
On LHD trucks the speedo is calibrated on KMH if you use MPH dont think the speedo is wrong it isnt lol (yeah took me a while too lol)
This is RJL’s Mod and is released to ATS with his permission and as such NO REQUESTS . This is not my mod . When RJL wants to update he will and you can ask him .
And yes its a Euro rig and I really don’t care if you think it shouldn’t be in ATS . The answer is simple don’t download it . I love this truck as do many others and I wanted it in ATS so I ported it .
To all the people who do love the T have at it and happy trucking .


RJL, Solutech


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