The Roads of ATS Wyoming DLC

Wyoming DLC for ATS is being teased and has been for a while now. The new American Truck Simulator map expansion is really awaited by the community. Today, let’s take a look at some more screenshots posted by SCS on their blog. In this post they’re focusing on the road network. Thanks so much to the SCS team for taking care of the community! So let’s talk about it!

ats wyoming junction

SCS mentions the bridges in ATS will be special and will have plenty of color. They will have custom models and stuff added to them. Also regular bridges will make an appearance too. The models are pretty interesting.

The Roads ATS Wyoming DLC

In addition, the signs are also getting special treatment. They will be a little special, some made out of wood and they will stick out from the rest that are already in American Truck Simulator.

ats wyoming traffic signs

Gantries are updated as well. If you’re like me, you’re probably hearing this word for the first time. You’re probably asking yourself, what are those? Well, they are overhead structures where signs or signals are mounted. They give a better view for drivers on larger roads. Awesome!

ats wyoming dlc

What do you think so far? We like what we’re seeing and hope for a release asap. The community is getting impatient but we know that SCS is taking longer so they can deliver a great finished product. Do you like it better like this? Or you’d rather have an almost finished product sooner for American Truck Simulator? Let us know in the comment below. If you’d like to see more, there is a gameplay video of ATS Wyoming DLC attached below. Also check out this great ATS Brutal Traffic mod. Keep on trucking!

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