SCS Shark Aquarium Special Transport 1.34

This mod adds the SCS Shark test cargo as a special transport load.

Synopsis: During the testing phase of Special Transport, SCS used a large placeholder chassis to represent the largest possible dimensions they’d have to work with. An inside joke later started to surface that the test cargo looked like a large empty fish tank. Thus the test cargo was dubbed as the “aquarium”. To further cement the joke, a hammerhead shark prop was later added into the test cargo.

***You WILL require Special Transport DLC for this to work.***

*Same special transport rules apply.*

The cargo shares the same exact collision dimensions and weight as the lattice structure (despite being a bit larger) so the test cargo is available on all the same routes as the lattice structure is.

Do NOT have activated with other Special Transport mods because it will mess up job offers for more than 1 job having the same offer code and may possibly crash your game.

The shark is NOT animated. It is a PROP (as stated above).

Credits: Nitrodax777


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