Freightliner Cascadia edited 2.1.3

Peterbilt dealership. Fully standalone. Updated to ATS 1.3. Advanced couple feature ready. More accessories. Added Canadian license plates. Cabin accessories & SiSL megapack addon included. 18WOS skins collection. Other minor changes. Please inform about problems/errors. Thank you. NOTE: Interior animations (dashboard lights, some controls, wipers…)need updating but when trying to import and updated deform and … Read more

MHAPro 1.3.2 for ATS v1.3

MHAPro ATS 1.3.2. (Compatible with 1.3.x Steam and higher): 1. new city Austin (NV) – company MHA Service – company Premiere Transport VTC – company 42Print – company MHA Roadwork 2. fixed visible trucks on map (lines on maps) 3. Bakersfield (CA) – company Premiere Transport VTC – company Ikea – company MHA roadwork 4. … Read more

Big package wheels for all US-trucks

For all trucks! This mod gives the player neovobrazimuyu imagination when choosing wheels and accesories to them, for more comfortable transportation of goods in his truck. Wheels glow in the dark in zavisimomti from the chosen color of tires. What is done: – Wheels Collected in one large package. – Mnogokratno Checked for all positions. … Read more

Mack Superliner for v1.3 Fixed Update

2 cabins 1 chassis for each cabin and salon 9 engines 6 transmission His salon (2 variants) its sounds Its wheels (8 variants) Many accessory Supports DLC Cabin Accessories. Changes: Changes: Fixed all bugs, Do not click on the “I” button otherwise it will crash !!! Game version 1.3 Credits: SCS: – base. Virat: – 3D … Read more

Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime for ATS version 1.3

Fully revised and changed the truck model version ATS 1.3.хх – Priobretaetsya In the cabin: Peterbilt – Nelzya Simultaneously use a Freightliner Coronado. – Propisan Gallery and orders agencies. – Added Engines of different power and CPR. – Ustraneny Error compressed ogg files. – Fixed Mirror. – Added Otsutstvkyuschie icons when selecting tuning. – Kolёsa … Read more