Realistic Lightning JBX v2 1.31

EN This modification improves lighting, bloom, contrast, road textures, terrain, sidewalk, disables automatic exposure and other additional improvements for a better gaming experience. I recommend using my Reshade & SweetFX Preset 1.9.5 for Best visual of the game environment. Features: – Less Fog – Realistic Bloom – No Auto Exposure – Realistic lighting – Realistic … Read more

Realistic Graphics Mod v2.1.2 1.31

2.1.2 update released. Changes; – Fixed the problem that the chrome parts appearing gray/dimmed. – Added several new skybox textures. – Added realistic terrain textures. – Added realistic water textures. – Added a bit bloom effect for only nights. – Added support for Mario Map. – Improved sun color/brightness. – Improved all road textures. – … Read more

ReShade Version 3.3.2 Yan_Red v1.3 (Graphic improver) all Versions

Hello everyone good today with the new version of ReShade 3.2.2 to improve colors in favorite games on the channel like American truck simulator and Euro truck simulator 2 Original and not original and of course also Multiplayer Activate and deactivate: insert Photographs: Impr Pant Petsis the photographs are saved where you installed them to … Read more