US 24 Extension off Colorado Springs 1.3.2

US 24 Extension Colorado Springs ats mod

ATS map mod US 24 Extension off Colorado Springs.


  • Removed middle barriers and replaced them barriers either side of the roads.
  • Added trees and various foliage.
  • Tidied up vertices.
    Altered terrain and surrounding buildings to blend in better.
  • Added far model trees in the distance to stop “the void” appearing.
  • usa.mbd has been removed, it snuck in. I have since kicked it out again.

V1.3.2 (LP) Changelog:

Altered terrain to stop it pushing through the grounds near Well Goods. Reduced size of terrain pieces on the US 24 route so it should (touch wood) be fine now. I have not encountered any more.

Do not re-host. Do not reupload. You can share the original link only. More info on the SCS forum.

Credits: Digital X

DOWNLOAD mod v1.3.2 for ATS 1.41 +

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