US Expansion v2.5

US Expansion Mod

I have decide to combine my US 50 & CA 99 & Cities Expansion mods in one big map mod called US Expansion!

I have rework and edit the US 50 & CA 99 map mod by seal0027 so it is now working with the new 1.20 scale!

This mod add lots of new cities and highways missing from the game!

If you like this mod & would like to support me with a donation, please click this link:

Place the US Expansion mod above every map mod that you have!

You’ll need to have New Mexico & Oregon DLC to make it working!

You must use only one version! Choose V2.5 (C2C) if you play with the C2C map mod or choose V2.5 if you are not using C2C!

Credits: P16, seal0027 & Dybr


DOWNLOAD C2C compatible

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