USA Reimagined Map

usa reimagined

USA Reimagined Map mod for American Truck Simulator.

USA Reimagined is my own rework of the existing prefabs: Garages, Dealerships and Fuel Stations. In their current state these 3 prefab types have been laid down but without much detail on them, or the surrounding areas. What this mod will do is bring some life back into those areas and make it really feel lived in.

(This does not mean reworked in Blender/Zmodeler, I have got a model in game once recently, but any 3D work is a way off yet. Not to say custom 3D Models won’t come, but that is not the priority at the moment.)

You can read more and report bugs on the official SCS forum thread for this mod.

USA Reimagined Phase 1

Tucson and outskirts
San Simon and outskirts
Las Cruces
Ely and outskirts
Yuma and outskirts

Don’t think I’ve forgotten any. Please note Phase 1 is just what is listed. Not a drastic “everything must be changed” overhaul. Just small for now and i will see how it goes.

Has not yet been tested with other Maps. Should be fine with C2C though, maybe not Reforma Sierra Nevada.

I would put it directly above C2C in the Mod Manager.

Do NOT reupload/rehost. If you must share it keep the original link and credit me. Do not upload to Modland or Modhub.

Credits: Digital X

DOWNLOAD mod for ATS 1.41 +

Unfortunately the mod was discontinued. You can see the original SCS forum thread for details.

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