Western Star 4900 EX

ats Western Star 4900 EX

western star ats truck mod

This is my interpretation of the long hood Western Star 4900, an absolute icon of a truck that deserves a spot in any garage.

Comes in a number of configurations and looks with many aftermarket accessories. Everything from tough logger to a low and shiny show truck. And stay tuned for updates as I have big plans for this truck.

The truck only uses SCS engines so I strongly recommend downloading the engine compatibility mods below.

Known Issues:

– The right side bottom mirror bugs out and becomes black at random depending on your interior FOV. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. (will be fixed)
– Wipers don’t work from the exterior view.
– License plates aren’t there (I am launching a mod with high res custom plates very shortly, and saw no point in hooking up the terrible low res SCS ones)
– The log throws a “too many indices in cabin/chassis” error.

Credits: @Digital X – For solving a LOT of problems I could not, including animations, lighting, shadows and mirrors.

YukonJack_AK – The 4900FA version I based this mod on
Sib3rius (and Team) – The original 4900FA mod
Kororuz – Window animations
Kishadowalker – Permission to use an old version of the 4800SB series interior as a skeleton and the basis for the new interior.
Galimim & Wilson212 – For engine and transmission DEFs
Robinicus, Kreichbaum & Harven – Engine sounds
HFG Guidot – Blender help

DOWNLOAD Steam Workshop

DOWNLOAD Cabin Accessories Compatibility

DOWNLOAD Sisl Accessories Compatibility

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