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Interiors in ATS

Here I got all the pictures I could find with the interiors of the trucks in American Truck Simulator. If you got more, send them on our Facebook page:

You will see a few truck brands which will hopefully make it in the game.Thje brands with interior I was able to find are Peterbilt and Kenworth. More coming soon.

p579_00 ats_peterbilt_07

Here are some shots I took from ATS in game videos.

ats_gameplay_03 ats_gameplay_07 ats_gameplay_06 ats_gameplay_08 ats_gameplay_10

The following pictures are from back when ATS was at the beginning.

002 004 k900_front k900_int_panorama

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys appreciate my effort. American Truck Simulator will be released at the end of this year and I bet you cannot wait until then so stay tuned for news on out Facebook page:

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