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American Truck Simulator Release Date

It’s official! We have a American Truck Simulator Release Date! This date was given by SCS so now we know this is trustworthy.

The ATS release date is February 3, 2016.

american truck simulator release date

Are you guys excited or what? This release will be just the first step, because American Truck Simulator will be updated much more in the future, SCS planing to include the whole North American map in the game.

Sounds in American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator will get a lot of custom sounds especially for prefabs. Depending on where you are, custom sounds will be played in the background. Also it will depend whether it is day or night which sounds will be played. Check the video below posted by SCS today to convince yourself.

Also we have reasons to believe that American Truck Simulator release date is very close to us as SCS said in their latest post that they are working on the ‘finishing touches’.

American Truck Simulator Tractor-trailer challenges

Hey guys! I come again with some ATS updates. We will have a wider selection of semi-trailers lengths of American Truck Simulator.

ats 124

This will change the game experience a little. So get ready because it won’t be as easy to manoeuvre the truck in American Truck Simulator like in ETS2. Sure we will still have some short trailers in ATS, but generally in the USA trailers and of course trucks are longer. Take the image example below to visualize what I am talking about.

Make sure your driving skills are on point while waiting for American Truck Simulator to be released!

american truck simulator 123

Read SCS Software’s original post:

American Truck Simulator Trailer variety

It’s been a minute since I posted more info about American Truck Simulator! Well SCS got some stuff for us from the inside of the making of ATS.

We will have a really big variety of trailers in game. Some of them will be smaller, some of them bigger. SCS had some problems adapting them to the AI traffic and intersections but they believe they got a good solution for it.

Having bigger trailers in American Truck Simulator will ‘spice up the game by having tighter places to maneuver through’.

american_trucks_002 american_trucks_001 american_trucks_003

American Truck Simulator – Californian realism

Hey there ATS fans! This is not an update post or anything, it’s just me expressing my excitement that I have towards the release of American Truck Simulator.

After watching many pictures of the game, I am getting more and more excited by the environment of ATS. The western feel of the Californian side of the US can be seen and I have to say that with the graphics combined with the environment, gives me a little feel of GTA5. Why am I saying that? Take this picture for example.


Doesn’t this look a lot like a 24/7 store you would normay go and rob in GTA5? I thought so. Now lets not talk about those AI classic cars..(they are stunning) I will speak more about the traffic cars in a future article anyways.

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American Truck Simulator uncensored opinions

Now after talking so nice it’s time to tell some things I don’t like. They don’t bother me, but it’s just place for more and better. The picture below could be easily recreated in ETS2 right now and that says it all. It’s no secret that American Truck Simulator is using the same engine, but still..


Another thing I hope won’t happen but I know it will is the weight stations. I bet they will be just like in 18 WoS Haulin. Boring and old! In my imagination I think there will be just the weight station models and a point where you go and guess will always say you got the right weight and you are ready to go!! As I said nothing exciting.. Please note again this is just my perception because we don’t know yet how it will actually be.


ats_weight_station_004 ats_weight_station_001

American Truck Simulator Gameplay Screenshots

We do not know yet the American Truck Simulator release date but I hope SCS will keep their promise and deliver it to us by the and of the year. Hopefully we will be able to download American Truck Simulator by then.

Until then, we got some new screenshots from the game.


american_truck_simulator_2 american_truck_simulator_1


In their latest post, SCS informs us of still having a long time before releasing an American Truck Simulator beta to their inner circle of beta testers. We also can we warmed by the fact that they said everything is in place, so it’s pretty much done, but the team is still working on polishing environment details, economy, vehicle assets and game optimization.

american_truck_simulator_5 american_truck_simulator_6 american_truck_simulator_4


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