American Truck Simulator Gameplay review

The map is the West Coast of USA, american trucks with real logos (Peterbilt, Kenworth,..) Nice detailed interiors with real logos (Kenworth in this one) When you arrive at the destination you have multiple places where you can leave the trailer. In the right you can see a new animation with a man working at a vehicle (animation) … Read more

Mercedes-Benz G500 2019 v1.1

Mercedes-Benz G500 2019 v1.1 for ATS patch 1.34 Updates in v1.1: – Buy in Peterbilt – Fixed trailer attachment point under rear bumper Now can attach Caravan trailer and ownable Mini trailer for ATS 1.33 and up Links to both trailers are in the mod’s ingame description. The colors in the vehicle can be also … Read more