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ATS Price (Pre-order here!)

The game is closer to us than it has ever been! Probably many of you are thinking how much will American Truck Simulator cost? When will we be able to download ATS? Will it be the same price as ETS2? How much will we pay for the DLCs?

First of all, ATS will be launched with the Californian map and then we will get a bunch of free updates from SCS with some other parts of the map like Nevada, Arizona (Read more here: American Truck Simulator Map DLC) and some free updates with trucks. Later on SCS plans to cover the entire map of the USA and some of the map DLCs that will come out later will cost probably more that the game itself. This depends on the sales that ATS will get and that is up to us, the fans.

Now getting back to the main poin of the article, the recommended price of the game is going to be $20/€20, ‘though it is to be expected that for alternate currencies’.  It is a fair price in my opinion and I cannot wait to download it on the official release date of February 3,2016!

If you would like, you could pre-order American Truck Simulator right now, at a much better deal I got for you guys, for the price of €14,99 following this link:

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