American Truck Simulator 1.37 Release

American Truck Simulator 1.37 officially released to everyone! So if you have the game on Steam, it will automatically update. Although it is not an open beta anymore, users have still reported bugs and we hope SCS will address them.

To keep it short, here are the main new features that you can find in the new ATS 1.37 patch:

ats new traffic sound

FMOD Sound

Implementation of a whole new sound engine based on the powerful and flexible FMOD library. The sound experience is a new one, the AI has new sounds, including trains and railway crossings. Also, a lot of the sound volumes can be tweaked in the settings menu now. Other new sound implementations: doppler effect, air horns and reverb sound (echo in tunnels).

ats ownable tank trailers

Trailer updates

New ownable food tank trailers, paintjobs for bulk feed trailers and grain hopper trailers.

ats openable windows

Openable windows

A long waited feature that finally made its way in ATS . Most fans are overwhelmed by this and have been asking it for years. In addition to this, many fans also request hands on wheel in American Truck Simulator, but until now, SCS didn’t mention anything about this possible feature.

ats walk around garage

Walk around garage

You can now walk freely around your garage. Also there is a new garage scene.

More new features:

  • New steering wheels designs for Steering Creations DLC
  • ASUS Aura Ready support
  • AI movement
  • Added technical inspection of vehicles on mandatory weigh stations (illegal trailer, damaged vehicle).
  • Added progressive fines.
  • Colour Feedback support for ASUS ROG Strix

Now that the game is updated, make sure to download some ATS Mods for 1.37 from our website. Many of the older might not work, so make sure you update them as well.

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  1. Since the upgrade the previous engine sound that I had is totally not the same. Very muffled even when tweaked the engine volume tab up all the way.


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