American Truck Simulator official multiplayer mod

American Truck Simulator is getting an official multiplayer mod. You read it right! There is actually an experimental beta going on right now. Although they did not mention anything yet on their blog, we found out from the players.

american truck simulator multiplayer

There are already a multiplayers for both ETS2 and ATS called TruckersMP. They did a great job and people loved them for years, even if the AI was missing. They have a solid fanbase and people will probably play it even after the official release. Did you ever try it?

ats multiplayer mod

The official multiplayer for ATS is available for some people in beta. You can currently play with another buddy. One of the greatest things that will be included is the AI traffic. Also in the photo above you can see how the 2 players tried to change the weather to see if it’s syncing. For now, if you change the weather from the console it won’t work for the other person. It’s definitely a challenge to sync everything from AI to weather for all players. Below, is a photo of how the

multiplayer american truck simulator mod

What is your opinion on this? We are really looking forward to this. We left below a video from American Truck Simulator multiplayer beta. Also the screenshots below are taken from the video and belong to the author. People playing ETS2 and ATS have been looking forward to this for a long time. Truck on guys!

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