Barstow Extended map 2.0

Barstow Extended ats map mod

Another American Truck Simulator map mod extension for us from Digital X. This small project (for now, it will expand over time) adds a small extension to the city of Barstow, with a more rural setting. I will expand southbound from Barstow first, before heading south-east and see how I go from there.

Requires all ATS Map DLCs.

Update 2.0 Changelog:

Opened up the exit on the loop roads
Added a ghost town on the hill complete with scrapyard
Added a small woodland area with a Lumber company
Added a long windy forest trail
Visitors centre added atop the hill near the Lumber company.
Built a large, abandoned mining complex
Built a large, multi level, mountain cave to explore. Yes you can drive in it, yes you can drive down to the bottom.

I hope you enjoy this, it has taken longer than I expected but I wanted to make the update significant. The mountain cave is not perfect, but it’s fun to explore.

Credits: Digital X

DOWNLOAD mod version 2.0 for ATS 1.40 +

7 thoughts on “Barstow Extended map 2.0”

  1. Thanks for the upload, but it’s using an old map image. The road leading towards to the mountain cave and mining complex is not there. The map image you used is the first release 🙂


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