ATS 1.38 beta: major updates

ATS 1.38 beta patch comes with major updates, not long after the last version. What are the new improvements fixes and functionalities? Let’s take a look! You will be amazed by the importance and variety of additions to the game that this patch brings. If you are looking for mods, you can find them at ATS 1.38 mods.

Las Vegas rebuild

Firstly, like we mentioned in a previous post about American Truck Simulator 1.38, the major update is the rebuild of the city of Las Vegas. In addition to new junctions and road connections, there are also new truck stops and a fresh design for the Las Vegas Boulevard. Take a spin and check out the new Las Vegas sign!

ats las vegas sign

Truck stops

Secondly, we have a new concept of truck stops! Fuel stations are redesigned in ATS and now have lanes. The new design is adapted after real life, where truckers usually fuel up from both sides. Also there is a new truck stop placed on the US-111 road now. Check the screenshot below and let us know what you think of the new design.

ats 1.38 truck stop

Graphics update

The addition of newer vegetation, terrain textures, and more. Also regarding the graphics, SSAO is included. It is a computer graphics technique for efficiently approximating ambient occlusion effects in real-time. Therefore, it creates shadows and give the game a more natural look in terms of lightning. We are really excited about this feature!

ats 1.38 graphics

RGB Color Picker

American Truck Simulator used an old system of picking colors. However we now got a new design for it. You can now input HSV, RGB, and HEX colors. Moreover, you can save up to 40 colors, compared to 8.

American Truck Simulator rgb color picker

Full ATS 1.38 update list

  • Las Vegas city revamped (I-515/I-11 interstate bypass + the whole city switched to the template road system)
  • US-191 road implemented
  • UT-56 road implemented + reskin of a little stretch of US-93 around Panaca settlement
  • CA-111 – new truckstop added
  • El Centro revamped
  • New company in Logan, UT (Plaster & Sons)
  • Reworked all truck stop gas pumps to be more realistic. More realistic dimensions and the logic of how they work
  • NM Shiprock redesigned + piece of US-491
  • Various map fixes


  • Automatic transmission improved (shifting points, adaptive modes)
  • Las Vegas: New ambulance and fire truck


  • Visual improvement – procedural ambient occlusion generation (SSAO)
  • Route Adviser redesigned
  • Navigation ETA to the next waypoint in route adviser and in world map
  • Tobii eye-tracking presets
  • RGB color picker redesigned
    • Added RGB, HSV and HEX inputs
    • User defined color presets


  • Update to FMOD 2.01.01
  • Fixed the retarder sound when the engine is off
  • AI – exclude the gear for trains and electric vehicles

We have mods for ATS 1.38 version on our website. Above all, make sure to check all the trucks, trailers, maps and more mods adapted to this new patch.

In conclusion, ATS patch version 1.38 is a big detailed update. The beta will be out for a few weeks before the official release. However, feel free to try it and report any bugs on SCS’s forum. You can upgrade to American Truck Simulator 1.38 beta by following Steam client / LIBRARY / right click American Truck Simulator / Properties / Betas / public_beta / 1.38 public beta. In addition, check more photos and info on SCS Software’s blog. Keep on trucking!

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