American Truck Simulator 1.38 coming soon

American Truck Simulator 1.38 patch is coming soon to the game. Just like the ETS2 1.38, it brings a big new update. This time is a map revamp! So, more exactly, we are talking about the city of Las Vegas.

American Truck Simulator 1.38

What we will get is a reconstruction of the existing city. A lot more details and better quality. Changes consist in road networks and surrounding environment. You get a more authentic feel when you get to the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

Main updates:

  • New Interstate connection, which connects the I-15 to the I-11, known as the 515
  • US-93 junction features a more realistic layout; new option for drivers to exit and head into the city
  • I-15 junction received a more up-to-date look representing ‘The spaghetti bowl’
  • Las Vegas Boulevard got a fresh redesign: the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign’ is in the correct spot
  • new truck stop in Las Vegas

ats las vegas sign

In addition to this map update, we probably will get other small improvements with American Truck Simulator 1.38. Some were announced, such as new vegetation to more detailed ground textures and smoother road layouts!

See all the screenshots from the upcoming ATS patch on SCS’s blog. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay tuned to the latest ATS news!

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