ats boise idaho

Visiting the capital of Idaho – upcoming DLC

Idaho is the new state from the upcoming American Truck Simulator DLC. The capital of the state is Boise. It is located around the middle of the I-84 road which connects Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon. On this road you will be able to see beautiful forests, small towns and details that makes you feel like you’re actually there. However, Boise is an essential stop along the way for any traveler.

ats boise idaho

Like other capitals from this region of US, it has many small businesses and several high-rises. Also it is the most populous metropolitan area in Idaho. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars with liveries unique to the city can be seen by the ATS players in the city. In addition, you can see many trees there, that’s why it is called the City of Trees. Idaho has a huge 4.7 million acres of wilderness.

ambulance and firetruck in ats

American Truck Simulator boise

From the W.I.P. pictures, we can see that the city is mostly on a flat area. However, in contrast, it is surrounded by big mountains from one side. In addition, the river Boise crosses the city, which starts at the border of Oregon and Idaho.

american truck simulator idaho dlc

Thanks to SCS for updating us along the way about the progress in American Truck Simulator. Are you excited about the release? Make sure you add the ATS Idaho DLC to your wish list on Steam.

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