ATS Idaho DLC: log industry

Idaho DLC is including the map of the U.S. Idaho state for American Truck Simulator. In this state there are mostly two types of environments: a green one and an arid one. As we mentioned previously, the Northern part is made of mountain and vast forests. The logging industry predominates the region. This is thanks to the big and rich forests. Also it plays a big part of the economy of America.

ats idaho dlc

If you are one of the people that likes this types of locations, you will be really happy. However, the new ATS DLC is bringing a few new assets and 3 new timber harvesting locations. They will be different to the older ones.

american truck simulator logging industry

Very important! In addition, Idaho DLC introduces a new prefab! It’s something we haven’t seen before. You are now able to go to the logging site directly from the road, just like in real life. For instance, take the example from the pictures above. After a regular junction, there is a side road bringing, apparently into the woods. 😀

ats idaho map new prefab

Are you excited about the new logging locations in the woods? Let us know in the comments below and if you want, add Idaho DLC to your wish list on Steam. If you would like more options when going on a road trip, download a map from our list of ATS maps mods.

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