ATS: new truck brands, Oregon DLC, Dirt on trucks

Oregon DLC, animated gates, 7 real truck brands, licensed trailer, new routes and so many more! These are some of the main things that SCS Software promises we will get in the near future. Recently, they did a live stream about American Truck Simulator where they talked about its future and more.

You can check out the notes from the live stream on Reddit: SCS Software – ATS Stream Notes: June 27, 2018

Everything sounds awesome and cool and we really appreciate the team from SCS Software! However, I have a few mentions to make about the stream.

So many things are so far away! For example, licensed trailer, next year due to SCS’ busy schedule.

They hope they will complete the whole map in their LIFETIME. I understand it takes a lot of time and I really respect ALL of their work and that they would like to make everything perfect in the map, but I think giving such a long term is not acceptable. I really think they shouldn’t say that and given that we pay for all these different DLCs, they should try make their team bigger and make it happen! At least that’s what I wish for..

Things we are REALLY excited for:

  • Trailer configuration and upgrades
  • revisiting the map
  • Oregon DLC
  • dirt on trucks
  • dynamic weather
  • licensed trucks! (one deal has been made and another 2 are looking promising, the goal is 7 US truck brands)

We are also excited for everything else and want to say that SCS Software is doing a great job with this game and also ETS2. Thank you for the great moments we have in your games!

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