ATS patch 1.44 beta update

ATS 1.44 now live in a beta version for all players! It is time for a new update for American Truck Simulator which brings map reworks, multiplayer mods features, new customization UI and more. Let’s explore the new features together and, as always, we bring you the best ATS 1.44 mods on our website.

ATS California map rework

After phase 1 of the rework, it’s time for phase 2 which focuses on more cities: Eureka, Ukiah, Sacramento, Redding, and Truckee. These were fully modified and personalised with specific landmarks and other local particularities. Take a ride there and see for yourself! The city of San Rafael was removed from the in-game economy. But a new, more important city will be included in phase 3 of this ATS map rework according to SCS. It will stay a mystery for now.

ATS patch 1.44 beta update

Mod refund feature – remove mods

A new feature to improve the American Truck Simulator multiplayer mods experience. If a player uses mods for their truck and then removes that mod or it becomes incompatible, the player is refunded the difference with the in-game currency.

Tuning parts update

There’s 4 new icons in the tuning section of the game. They express if the part is a factory part, licensed, aftermarket or unknown part. So let’s say a player wants to keep their truck with only manufacturer options, he now can do that.

ats mods tuning

Unmarked roads in ATS map

ATS has some hidden unmarked roads on the map. If you find them, you can take that shortcut and enjoy that hidden gem where not everyone goes. Now, after you’ll travel on a road like that it will be forever saved on your map as a dashed line. This is just in case you want to visit that hidden road again later.

ats unmarked roads

Adjustable suspension for your truck

Raise or lower the suspension of your truck in order to hitch different types of trailers. It’s a handy feature in real life, now in American Truck Simulator!

Own your own drop deck trailer!

The drop deck has a lower center of gravity. If you prefer this trailer, you can now own it for your fleet! It comes in different shapes and forms and tuning options.

ats drop deck trailer

It is a great new update with a lot of huge features. To view all the photos and details we invite you to the SCS Software blog post. Also here is the full list of the ATS patch 1.44 updates:

  • 2nd Phase of California Rework
  • Border connections for several cities in New Mexico refreshed
  • Some New Mexico cities received road network reworks
  • Unmarked Road Exploration
  • General Map Bug Fixes
  • Mod Refund Feature
  • Licensed vs Aftermarket UI in browsers
  • Force Feedback Upgrade
  • Adjustable Suspension Height
  • Interior Camera Horizontal Lock
  • Smart Sequential Shifting
  • New Special Transport Routes
  • New Freightliner Cascadia 2022 Interior Options
  • Ownable Drop Deck Trailers

If you want to test out the America Truck Simulator patch 1.44, go to your Steam client, right click on the game, Properties – Beta and select public_beta 1.44. So enjoy and stay safe out there on the roads! Also check out custom new ATS truck mods on our website.

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