ATS Special Transport Update in Idaho

ATS Special Transport is getting new routes with the upcoming Idaho DLC. The exact official release date is not known yet. However, what we do know, is that it will be released this summer. Are you exicted? You should be! Because we are getting more good news with each update from SCS Software.

In addition to the old ones, there are 3 new routes coming for American Truck Simulator Special Transport DLC. The new routes will come with their own challenges. Also make sure to prepare your truck! From the picture we see that they will pass in Custer County, Idaho and Route 55. Also we see a Mountain Home and Nampa sign on Route 84. We think that new journey must start from Boise, as one is in East and one on the West.

special transport near boise in american truck simulator

3 new routes in ATS Special Transport DLC

  • Boise to Grangeville
  • Idaho Falls to the Challis (near Salmon City)
  • Twin Falls to Nampa

special transport on route 55 idaho ats

In conclusion, we will let you know that you can currently grab ATS Special Transport DLC on Steam at summer sale. Make sure to get a powerful ATS truck mod for the new journeys! Keep on trucking!

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